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Welcome to First Choice Cellars

65 Years of hands-on experience.

Established in 2017 by four dedicated entrepreneurs, First Choice Cellars offers an exquisite blend of world-class wines and spirits, capturing timeless traditions and modern tastes. Emphasizing a familial atmosphere, our curated selection, sourced globally, mirrors the diverse tastes of our clientele. Beyond being a retailer, we emphasize the educational facet of wine culture through events and consultations, ensuring that our customers’ experiences are enriching and memorable. With an unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity, we welcome all, from novices to experts, to join us in celebrating the nuanced stories each bottle holds.

Our Story

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Our Portfolio

Carefully curated, global selection of quality wine, spirits, beer & cider.

First Choice Cellars boasts a curated global assortment of premium wines, spirits, beer, and cider. Sourced from renowned producers, our collection celebrates both time-honoured traditions and contemporary flavours. Experience the world in a glass, bottle or can.

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Upcoming Events

We cordially invite you to explore our upcoming events and tastings, each curated to elevate your wine and spirits experience.

Dive deep into rich flavours, discover new favourites, mingle with fellow enthusiasts, or book your own private event with us! Don’t miss out on these exclusive opportunities to taste, learn, and celebrate.

Second Annual Try Before You Buy Event!

  • December 9th, 2023
  • Mama Mia Italian Kitchen
  • 2:00pm - 4:30pm

Our Services

From Tasting Events to Premium Collections: Dive into Wine Excellence

First Choice Cellars is your all-in-one destination for wine aficionados. Dive into our updated portfolio, benefit from expertly curated wine lists, or join us for exclusive tasting events and seminars. Planning an occasion? We’ve got promotional support, event ideas, and fundraiser assistance. For collectors, our global selection is ideal for stocking premium cellars. Businesses can also rely on our expertise for product placement and promotion.

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Did you know?

Learn More With Every Unique Sip.

Did you know? At First Choice Cellars, we’re more than just a wine store. Dive into our curated articles to uncover the tales of every bottle, from Amarone’s Appasimento, Germany’s sparkling Sekt and Bergerac’s hidden charm.