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Our Story

The Beginning Of A Legacy

Bringing you the world’s best wines and spirits since 2017.

With a cumulative experience spanning over 7 decades, the dynamic duo of Luigi and Bernard, First Choice Cellars founders, offers an exquisite blend of world-class wines and spirits, capturing both timeless traditions and modern tastes. Their journey has fostered the rise of numerous international and local brands that resonate not only in Canada but globally. With a discerning eye for quality, nurtured over years of collaboration with elite suppliers worldwide, First Choice Cellars guarantees unmatched service. Proficient in leading consumer tastings, they intimately grasp the consumer’s preferences. Their extensive ties to industry experts further position them as trusted advisors in supplier selection.

“We have successfully launched numerous international and local brands that have stood the test of time and are still in the market.”

Bernard Pearson and Luigi Perri, Co-Founders
First Choice Cellars

A Taste For Quality

We Strive for Authenticity and Distinguishing Quality Brands From Manufactured

At First Choice Cellars, we prioritize authenticity over mass production. Through deep-rooted global relationships, we’ve curated a selection that speaks to genuine craftsmanship. Our trusted palates and industry experiences guide patrons in discerning quality brands, ensuring every sip taken is a testament to true artisanship.

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Our Team

Good Taste Runs In The Family

Luigi and Bernard co-founded First Choice Cellars, combining Bernard’s global wine expertise with Luigi’s passion for culinary traditions and the alcohol industry. Their shared dedication blurs the line between profession and passion.


Bernard Pearson Founder of First Choice Cellars


Bernard Pearson

Bernard, a seasoned luminary in the world of wine since 1978, began his journey in retail before becoming a highly regarded wine educator and a key player in introducing renowned brands to the Alberta market. His passion for wine, discovered at an early age, led him to a global pursuit of the perfect pairing, complemented by a love for food, wine & spirits.

In retail, he worked and learned the ropes for five years before becoming a popular wine educator before joining one of Canada’s leading wine companies. He helped introduce and launch world-famous brands such as Tignanello, Sassicaia, Penfolds and Gaja into the Alberta marketplace.

After years as a sommelier, Bernard founded his own company, driven by a commitment to inclusivity in the wine world. With 34 years in the business, he continues to find joy in discovering new gems, emphasizing that wine is a deeply personal experience for everyone.

Through his leadership, Bernard’s company, like Luigi’s, embodies a dedication to making the world of wine accessible and enjoyable for all.

Luigi Perri Founder of First Choice Cellars


Luigi Perri

Luigi Perri, the visionary founder of First Choice Cellars, embarked on his journey in the industry in 2002, marking the beginning of a remarkable career marked by dedication in the line of business and pleasure.

From an entry-level position, Luigi’s rise in the industry culminated in becoming one of the top sales achievers in his previous company, showcasing his exceptional talent and commitment. Rooted in a humble background with a deep Italian heritage, Luigi developed a profound appreciation for wine, food, and strong family values. His down-to-earth demeanour and straightforward approach have earned him accolades as a top-tier salesperson and garnered respect as a trusted and honest individual in the realm of wine.

As the founder of First Choice Cellars, Luigi Perri brings a wealth of experience, passion, and authenticity to the world of fine wines, embodying the values that define his personal and professional journey. Explore the world of wines with Luigi at the helm, where expertise meets genuine enthusiasm for the craft!

65 Years Of Hands-On Experience

First Choice Cellars is your all-in-one destination for wine aficionados.

Our journey is rooted in hands-on experience, a testament to decades of exploring, understanding, and curating a diverse selection of wines from the globe’s most esteemed vineyards. We pride ourselves on being more than just an importer and wholesaler; we are connoisseurs dedicated to offering an exclusive, enriching experience beyond the bottle. Are you planning an occasion? We’ve got promotional support, event ideas, and fundraiser assistance. For collectors, our global selection is ideal for stocking premium cellars. Businesses can also rely on our expertise for product placement and promotion.

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