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Let’s Talk About Sekt – Germany’s Champagne!

What makes champagne so wonderful? The grapes, the vineyards, the winemaker? Yes, all of it, but the key is the final fermentation in the bottle, not a tank. Why? Because the smaller surface area in the bottle creates smaller bubbles that lasts longer, and the smaller the bubbles, the greater the champagne – making the whole point of bubbly wines.

Champagnes normally start retailing around $42.00. Which can make them less affordable for many consumers, especially in these uncertain times. There is another choice of quality that is more affordable that is gaining popularity and is produced in Germany. It is called Sekt!

For those who love Champagne, but have a (craft) beer budget, this is a perfect alternative.

The care and quality of a great Sekt is every bit as diligent as the best champagnes – and yes, it is fermented in the bottle, so you have tiny, long lasting bubbles! The retail cost is also much better, retailing between $20 to $26 per bottle.

At First Choice Cellars we are pleased to work with one of the best producers of Sekt. Louis Guntrum is owned by Konstantin Guntrum who happens to be the 11th generation member of the family to run this small and old Estate in the wine region called the Rheinhessen. This family winery started back in 1648 and I am proud to say I have met and worked with the last 3 generations.

One of our favorite sparkling wines has for years been Guntrum’s Riesling Brut. It is dry and has flavours of peaches, pears and apples with an excellent balance, but not too sweet and not too much acid.

This Sekt is wonderful as an aperitif, served during happy hour, with seafood or more delicate dishes. It is also Vegan.

So, the next time you look at a glass of champagne, check out the size of its bubble and enjoy!

Please ask how First Choice Cellars can introduce you to this family and other wonderful products.

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